File Your Tax Returns (or Extensions)! Out of My Mind for My Daughter’s Birthday, 15 April 2009

In honor of the wingnuts’ teabag day (not the good kind), a big bunh of bullet points.

I don’t quite understand what happened here — too twisted for my semi-fried aged brain — but looks like the journos just couldn’t figure it out either.

Help wanted here!

Help wanted here?

Weird book of the day.

I need a new shower curtain. This is the one I want!

Fun things to do when stuck at home, like, on a rainy day (and the obvious activity isn’t an option).

Secrets of the Seder (albeit a trifle late).

This stinks!

Teaching how the blind can see.

History: Yet another reason why Ronnie Raygun is an asshole (besides setting us on the slippery slope that inevitably led to the current Global Economic Meltdown). At this rate, the revisionist — or “corrected” — “version” will be all out in a couple of decades. Me, I never liked him, all this is just support….

As long as there is a ‘you’ doing or not-doing, thinking or not-thinking, ‘meditating’ or ‘not-meditating’ you are no closer to home than the day you were born. “The Tenth Man” by Wei Wu Wei

How Goldman Sachs got them unexpectedly terrific earnings: they lied.

Micro$oft, in my experience, simply cannot tell the truth except on the rarest of occasions. This is not one of them; M$’s lie of the day. Speaking of which….

Proven: FaceBook users are dopes?!

See how else Big Business is screwing you. (More here.)

The kind of woman that drives religious Catholics to forbidden divorce.

The Virginia GOP loves hot young lesbians:

I have standards and I find this sick! At least til I’m that guy’s age….

Watch how Domino’s makes their pizzas extra special.

Actually, the wingnuts know nothing about teabagging. Me and another guy or two are available to teach them.

Update: Hoobama still doesn’t get it (or simply refuses to admit that he does).

Update: The radical rightwing haters of America now support terrorism, as long as it’s America and Americans who are targetted.


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