ADHD Special? Out of My Mind for 14 April 2009

Attention, A.P. and the rest of you print losers: Watch me send eyeballs to your sites. In simple terms, I increase your readership. Oh, I forget: You all are devoted to chasing away your audience…. Never mind. You won’t learn in time….

Thank God for the media’s obsession with that idiotic L.A. Times front page ad (hope Dan Neil writes it up in his next advertising column). Thanks to the hoopla, now the LAT understands why it was such an embarrassingly stupid, reader-losing idea. Hey, Guys, read and learn: Chasing your readers away really isn’t a very good idea.

Speaking of the failure of the press: Now that the press is dying, it’s kind of late to tell us readers how much we’re going to miss quality journalism. We will, but the press’ time to be concerned with providing same on a regular basis is way too late now. You all didn’t care when it mattered and now I guess it’s just too late…. And blaming the readers instead of taking responsibility for your failing is a little tacky and proves that we can’t expect you to even comprehend how you, well, fucked up, big time.

If only this was true….

A solution for that racist Texan asshole who has trouble with Asian people having their Asian names:

Hey, stupid: Can’t say Dum Fuk?? (I do apologize for the brief lapse of good taste.)

The NSFW end of an era:

(More here.)

The most famous vocal cords ever:


Can this be counted as another failure of George W. Bush, failed business man? Please to advise.

Blog policy announcement: This has inspired me. The way the wingnuts call everything to their left socialism, I think I’ll all these anti-freedom, anti-American greed-maddened asshole destroyers of the global economy fascists. As for you, Goldman Sachs, I quote Al Goldstein: “Fuck You”. (“Fuk U” for Texan election officials.)

Recipes for those adversely affected by the Global Economic Meltdown.

Raw data of the fatal corruption of our nation.

Who’s suffering from this?

The greatest website you’ll visit today. Go now!

The future of the dollar?

What to do in NYC Saturday.

Guess which one of these guys is reeaallly scaaary.

Our freedom-lovingdestroying allies.

Read: The history of Area 51!

A comrade explains: Debt is not good.

For those ignoramuses who actually believe America was formed as a Christian nation.

Palin's paradise goes boom!


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