Stormy Saturday: Out of My Mind for 11 April 2009

Is this guy out of his mind??

What kind of crap is this? Clueless journalism: who needs it?

Be safe at work (warning: Graphic! Gory!?):

War is hell?

Hoobama’s Department of Justice — the one that’s an adjunct of the RIAA — doesn’t just back and help the RIAA with its suicide but supports a really insane position.

Sadly, the case against apathy (even though, you know, Hoobama has destroyed all hope with his bait-and-switch):

“Those who do not do politics will be done in by politics.” — French Proverb

Irony! My local stadiums were built by companies which N.Y.C. won’t use because of ties with organized crime and they were paid with taxpayer $$!

Waste time with this.

Reminder: The buck (such as it is these days) should properly stop with sweet-talkin’ Hoobama.

Doesn’t this nutjob’s rating success mean that wingnuts are really deranged?

Watch for yourself and decide:


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