Holiday, Yes, Happy? Dunno; Out of My Mind for 12 April 2009


So much for retention bonuses. Now who’ll clean up the messes these guys made even though they, of course, have no incentives to do so.

Hoobama’s flaccid stimulus: Too little, no trickle down.

It’s called a whitewash: All banks somehow will pass the stress test even though they’re sitting on huge undetermined sums of nigh-worthless debt.

Besides being the intellectual cream of society, Big Finance’s leaders are paragons of morality and responsibility: They bear none for the current Global Economic Crisis!
Sort of kidding: It’s Dick Parsons’ opinion. And the only success he had was in his own career; he did nothing good for Time Warner.

What they teach in school: Get caught taking your meds, get suspended for two weeks.

Atrios’ very deep thought: One Dixie Chick states her embarassment over George W. Bush being president: the band gets completely villified, etc.
All the wingnuts calling for violence and killing, etc.: No problem.

License to kill.

Again, Micro$oft is in fact a very stupid organization that struggles with the least innovation outside of maximizing its OS (and de factor office) monopoly. Oops, and the barely-profitable 360.

The a$$holes who are the Big Finance elite.

E-voting fails and fails again.

New Yorker cartoon of the day: Truth:


Maybe the wingnuts are crazed because Hoobama’s just so damn popular and because he’s cleaning up their mess with a very GOP-like plan? If he can push through so Republican a plan, who needs Republicans and what they can possibly offer?

Speaking of which: Hoobama funnels taxpayers to Big Finance so they no incentive (pun!) to invest responsibly, said taxpayer funds coming mostly from a middle class who is receiving no support because Hoobama’s busy getting money to the speculators?

The Times’ articles a few weeks ago about the corrupt, fraudulent use of “independent” medical whores by the insurance industry in N.Y.S. worker’s compensation cases (and all tort cases)? It’s worse than the Times reported.


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