Paradise (Hah!) Found (Hah!); Out of My Mind for 10 April 2009

Ooh, I think I now have the format just about exactly where I want it!

Wingnut lies. Oops, I repeat myself:

Music for the Global Economic Meltdown:

A little freedom. Well, just preserving the status quo. In France.

U2 are run by the scummiest manager since Led Zep. Love the album, now I feel way less bad about how I got it. The scumbag’s own words. Question: Let’s say loads of record sales are lost, as opposed to a small percentage. Does it follow that the tour is hurt by the thievery — or helped? And would a less elaborate set with all attendant expenses compensate? And the tour, that where the money is really, really going to be made anyway, you Ireland-hating tax-dodger?

To the extent I’ve practiced this, it has done nothing for me. But I still recommend it. It can’t hurt:

You will experience deep tranquility and the silence of peace when you abandon your ego, reflect on how ignorant and sinful you are as a human being, and leave everything to the compassion of Amida Buddha, reciting Namu Amida Butsu many times.

Stress tests to be kept secret at first. Maybe because Our Leaders will be gaming the system based on results? In other words, results will be marked on a curve, not according to any absolute standard? And can we have Glass-Steagall back now?

Today’s wingnut racism.

Crumbs for vets — but then, Hoobama never offers more than crumbs, if that. Oops, except for his line of B.S.; there’s always lots of that. He has to keep telling us how wonderful he is since he’s accomplishing about as much good as Beloved Leader did before him.

What else drives wingnuts crazy: They hate their own policies when its Hoobama who pushes the policies.

Great idea: Banks evict non-paying homeowners*, foreclose, homeless move in and squat. (*Just a silly idea: How about treating these guys the same way as they treat credit-whores like Trump and Time Warner? Just keep renegotiating the mortgage and never forcing payment of principal?)

Victimized twice: Madoff trustee sues Madoff victim to recover a payout.

Nearly a majority of Americans are socialists. More here.

You have your holiday weekend reading here: Book of the day: “Sustainable Energy — without the hot air”


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