Biiigg Hump Wednesday: Out of My Mind for 8 April 2009

Maybe the banks suck even worse than we fear, huh?

How religion (and religions) came to be?

How true (like the Hoobama administration?):

Simon’s Law: Everything put together falls apart sooner or later.

Got the video of this adjacent to this post. Here’s the story: Fatal gratuitous police brutality, G20-style.

Speaking of Merry Old: Sports head of the day:

Footballer given yellow card ‘for breaking wind’ during penalty shot

Miracles do happen.
The one I’m waiting for: Hoobama doing what he was elected to do. I suppose, though, his personal wallet is far more important to him than those of most Americans. Hint, President Clueless: You can still become filthy rich on leaving office if you, you know, leave as a popular success.

Alot on Hoobama’s love of Bushie torture policies.

News for Big Journalism: Alienating customers maybe isn’t a successful business plan.
The very short version.
The detailed version.
More help for the clueless is here.
They’re recycling irrelevant news left and right, stuff you’ve heard of days before.
They publish crap no one cares about. I don’t mean important stories that are boring. I mean crap like the water-carriers’ GOP P.R.
And many of the current owners dumped loads and loads of debt on the papers. (One reason the Times has a real chance at survival, maybe prosperity, besides a generally consistently good product is the lack of crushing debt.)

OMG! I want this!!!

Forget the wingnuts’ fantasy terrorist.
Here’s the Real Danger to fear.

Chrysler: Too little, too late. Hopefully, someone will realize Jeep and Viper can be viable businesses….

<strong>Cosmic fistula! (Great name for an acid rock band!)

The “Wolverine” leak: well, the scene I watched was awful. And I liked the first Sabretooth way better. But I’ll try to watch the whole thing over the weekend.
I think me and Hughie and Rupert all hoped “franchise” — “Wolvie” could have been Bond on crank… we’ll see….

This happened to my daughter’s science teacher. That and losing his kind of hot, kind of sweet + cute assistant teacher, who taught while he brewed espresso in class (all second hand info, so I vouch for none of it).

Thank God the recent psychokillers had their right to bear arms.

Oooh, this starlet can play a young Arianna Huffington!

Sad, but not working and pissing money away can do harm to one’s, such as it is, wealth.

Reality check: Rachel Maddow and Professor K.’s corrective to the Times’ Pollyanna poll.

Another deluded liberal: Arianna’s dead wrong: Team Hoobama’s personal universe does revolve around the banks because that’s whose gonna make them might rich — we aren’t. There’s principle and there’s principal, and the Hoobamas know which they want. Sorry, A.

Rap of the day: Ode to President Palin.
Watch it here!

Wanker of the day: President Hoobama: all surface, no depth….

Tomorrow has been destroyed. There will be no tomorrow; out of cash.

Hoobama hates the vets as much as his predecessors did!

Hoobama’s defense cuts? Well, it’s a net increase.

A brahmin once asked The Blessed One: “Are you a God?” “No, brahmin” said The Blessed One. “Are you a saint?” “No, brahmin” said The Blessed One. “Are you a magician?” “No, brahmin” said The Blessed One. “What are you then?” “I am awake.”


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