TGIM: Out of My Mind for 6 April 2009

TGIM for me ’cause it’s a lightish posting day… light, but pissy….

I love this line:

Keep your mouth shut and people will think you stupid; Open it and you remove all doubt. — /.

What I’m wondering about this second: Let’s say earnings, on average, have been flat or the years relative to the economy. What happens when you factor in the growing debt load of the average person? Stuff like this and this and this (the last allowed by a congressman who claims to be too weak to stop the abuse!)?
And look at this: How strong can democracy be overseas when you have great numbers of people living in these and are expected to vote for a government that neither understands nor particularly care?

Awesome but completely unnecessary, the elegant solution to a really stupid non-problem.

Hey, Xeni: Answer is “None of the above”. Obama has no plans to do any of the options. To the extent he does, it’s to bring the speculation bubble back to life.

How America stays secure.
Hey, President Obama, when you’re not saving Big Finance, how about bringing a little of your change to insanity like this (*snicker*).

Today’s business as usual: Speculation, living on credit, hidden fees for everything, usury, and sue and steal. Actually making stuff or providing actual services: not so profitable.
Is it me, or is that a sick economy?
Of course, it’s me. President Obama and his team see no problem with all that and want even more of it because that’s what Big Finance wants.

Literature as modern as the very second I’m writing this.

The west wishes: North Korea missile test because the second stage fell off 1,300 miles east of Japan instead of, you know, going into orbit as planned.
Jeez-us. America had its share of failures before a success. For a nation as poor as NK to achieve this much on its first try is still one scary hell of an accomplishment.
Nothing like the stupidity of a Big Media-accepted “truth”.
Calling it a failure doesn’t actually make it any less scary an accomplishment….
Failure my ass.
Big Journalism, don’t worry. You’ll still have “news” like this when the last over-leveraged daily paper goes out of business.
I mean, if it wasn’t a space launch but a test of a missile capable of hitting Tokyo or Seoul or Beijing??? Hell of a success.

The mash-up, as it were, of mainstream journalism and the parody of same (a la “The Colbert Report”) marks a milestone achievement.

MotoWndFll: $104 million paid to one of last year’s big losers, the man leading Motorola on the road to ruin. My God; what would he have made if Moto was a profitable, viable business???
But this is the kind of economy Our Leaders like.

Timmy Geithner says he’s willing to change bank management.
What has he been waiting for?
Is there some dealing going on? This is a threat to increase the promises of post-government riches for Timmy and the rest of the team?

A mystery only Dan Brown and his readers care about solved.

Attention, Mr. Liberal Journalist: The GOP believes deficits are great in the private sector: guaranteed money for bonuses, money for Big Finance in the form of debt service.


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