Cranky-All-Over-the-Place-Saturday, Out of My Mind for 4 April 2009

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship. — Buddha

Bizarre? More about it here.

Missed on TV…. Ditto. More ditto.
Actually, IIRC, BET did this til someone took on gobs of debt and it had to expand and spend gobs more on programming to recreate itself as a channel with nothing much original or different. Something else ruined by the need to create a windfall for someone by taking on debt.

So: Frank Zappa knew all about selling out. Look!

Did I say bizarre? This is likely the most bizarre music video you’ll see today!

? Explained.

Today’s health tip starts here.

Stalin vs. Martians.

Another defeat for knowledge in the war against knowledge.

What we need to survive may be here.

Attention, George Orwell: You nightmare has come true.

‘Nuff said; an eternal enough truth:

“The Right Honorable Gentleman is indebted to his memory for his jests and to his imagination for his facts.” — Sheridan

Incredible video!

I beg to differ with the person who put this up. It isn’t a sign of messiness but, I would submit, how impoverished people obtain electricity during the Global Economic Meltdown.

This is the leadership we could have had instead of Obama: Dumb and nasty in addition to venal and corrupt.

Speaking of the corrupt Obama: Read this. Sounds fully bought to me….
Think about this. The lesson of Slick Willie: A slick talker can lead the country lazily by in fact not leading, doing nothing important, just doing what the establishment orders, and the riches follow leaving office.
Obama, though, is so completely enwrapped in the worship of his self that he has no idea of the reality. He is convinced that he will be reelected if the economy still sucks in 2012 because he’s so sure that after four years of failure, enough will still believe he can bring hope.
No, there’s only one hope, and it’s for him only, and that is the GOP has no one to offer who isn’t too wacko to be elected.
Me, I’m not so sure about that but time will tell….
A generation of a punk economy… hell of an accomplishment….

Speaking of GOP assholes….

And here’s what Obama has accomplished:

663,000 Jobs Lost in March; Total Tops 5 Million

But at least the Dow’s over 8,000, and that’s what’s important, huh?

Here’s why!

Obama fights to make sure Big Finance will get their hand outs without any damn silly strings attached, yes, sir!

Larry Summers is on the take from beholden to Big Finance. You know you can really trust him to do what’s needed!

What we need: Sarah Palin’s leadership.
Her sister-in-law busted for breaking into a home to steal — twice.
Bristol got knocked up from unsafe sex. Sarah and the First Dude sure taught that child well how to be responsible! (See the last paragraph, with it’s clear inference that the three of them shared a bedroom??)
I remember being shocked that the American electorate could elect an obviously vile Ronnie Raygun (at whose feet I lay the ur-blame as it were for the mess in which the world is at present; he’s the one who pushed us off the slippery slope down to here).
So while objectively one would hard-pressed to make a case for President Sarah Palin, I would only be keenly disappointed but not surprised by her election.

Something of a good idea to maybe save the newspaper industry.
Listen: Papers die, meaningful journalism (yeah, yeah, such as it is) dies with them.


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