Briefly Out of My Mind for 2 April 2009



More obsessive.

Straaange. Wonder what they’d be like to step on?

Enslaved ants fight the system and rebel, murderously. (More here.)

Victory for freedom in Oz. (Congrats, guys!)

Micro$oft Theft; the very latest version.
You know, now that I think about, one thing M$ may have truly innovated was the obsessive greed that brought the world to where it is now, the utter lack of any sense or decency.
And you know what? They still won’t stop building and forcing on people utter crap unless forced.

Unfunny joke. From the GOP, of course. More.

Sick fuck (Rush, of course). At the end of the day, Rush, like his ilk, is a very small man whose sole accomplishment is to make crazed people crazier. And to smear Chrissie Hynde daily.

More on New York’s dysfunctional worker’s compensation system. It generally applies other means of compensation for injuries and in other states. It ain’t just New York. Good job, Times!


Important history: The guys who risked their lives for freedom.

Short and sweet.


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