The No-Prank Zone; Really Out of My Mind for 1 April 2009

This ain’t no prank, just reality in a bunch of different flavors (most, not all, bitter)….

What do you expect from a no-fault legal system that prevents meaningful litigation and whose goal is limit the responsibility of the guilty? A crappy system that screws the victims, of course.
More failures of the system are laid out here.

To think, this could have been done with Social Security…. Hey, maybe President Obama will put all the SS money into equities to pump up the stock market?? Once, like in November, I would have scoffed. Now, given Our Leaders clear priorities in regard to “helping” the economy, I wouldn’t be surprised….
Professor K weighs in….

This is such an embarrassing load of crap. One should expect much from Abe Rosenthal’s son but even for Son-of-Abe, this is retarded crap. The fact-based version is here.
Short version: Wagoner did way too little good at GM and much of what he did was too little, too late. The record, which the writer utterly denies is clear: The Wagoner reign was a disaster. To say Detroit got hammered by unforeseeable developments is inanity. That is part of management’s job, not simply believing that people will always want oversized inefficient SUVs. GM hasn’t come out with a broad-based success in years.
What is sad about the Wagoner putsch is two things. First, it’s a shame that bunch of the Gods of Wall Street didn’t precede him. And really, failure Wagoner was, the GM board has dropped the ball consistently for decades.
Well, I guess by destroying GM, he earned that $20,000,000.00 firing for incompetence bonus?!?!
What I don’t understand is this: Is the government, in exchange for pumping billions into GM and Chrysler, compelling them to shift their product mix to stuff that isn’t wanted?
Meanwhile, Ford has the templates: Giving the same or more power way more efficiently (Fusion hybrid and EcoBoost engine), sexy small cars (Fiesta and next Focus), and realizing that if bloated SUVs are passe, there’s a place for svelte ones (the next Explorer). Is this what the government is pushing the other two to do? What is gross mismanagement but the inability to see what Ford saw in the last few years: compelling, relevant product.

Ahh, this is what makes America great.
If only it was true….

Revealed: Timmy Geithner’s drive to fail America and the world.

Tween boys show their love for wieners.

Huh. Is this how some Japanese see us?

A health tip that can help you right this minute. Watch now!


None are so busy as the fool and knave. — John Dryden

There is no reciprocity. Men love women, women love children, children love hamsters. — Alice Thomas Ellis

That adorable Micro$oft Macs is expensive campaign? Like nearly everything out of Redmond, a lie (what else would you expect from thugs?). Isn’t it interesting? A major tech company that is nearly always in denial of reality?
FYI: From a certain perspective, Macs are Always cheaper than PCs. Ask me how.

Need to know screwed up the Congo is? Read, watch, read, read.

Paul Williams…. (Not that one, the important one.)

Is this the best Obama can do?

Why the good economic news of the last few days isn’t really necessarily good news.

Really good news! Thank you, ACLU!

Today’s Palin WTF episode. This is all too Kremlinesque for me….


So Big Finance has completely corrupted Our Leaders. Thank God we don’t have a Republican president (snark, snark).

Bill O’Reilly, absolute and complete scumbag: the latest chapter.


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