To You, this is a Light Day? Out of My Mind for 30 March 2009

How to get ready for tomorrow!

Buddha feels for the AIG crybaby (and others!):

Have compassion for all beings, rich and poor alike; each has their suffering. Some suffer too much, others too little. – Buddha

Good news for Rick Wagoner: we won’t be kicking him around any more (except, maybe, you know, in a historical context).
On one hand, it feels slightly nauseating that he was fired per an order from a government task force. It would have been so much nicer if the GM board heard the yelling of the marketplace or understood, for that matter, the business and GM’s product well enough to recognize what a God-awful job GM, led by Wagoner and Lutz, was doing. If I recall correctly, Wagoner was hired in great part because he was young, then Lutz brought in soon after because Wagoner, apparently, didn’t quite understand “product” nor, maybe was able to, you know, lead the troops. Two major failings in an auto CEO (but what does that say about Ford’s Mullaly and Ford’s possible success?).
I mean, the guy’s limited abilities and track record were more than enough to get his ass canned years ago,
And when he had his chance to do something for America — push to take care of Detroit’s legacy costs by the implementation of a national health insurance program like those in competitors’ nations — he went the GOP route and absolutely punted.
Well, as Al Goldstein would put it, “Rick Wagoner, fuck you!

Query: You got a service economy in a recession, an economy that makes ever less, where a greater share of the GDP rests on financial speculation: So how does one get out of the hole when all the nation has to offer is wealth, which has disappeared?
And the level of self-sufficiency is questionable (I mean that more in a macro-economic way than in a literal sense).

This is not not good news.

Farewell, N.Y. Times?
Crappy as it’s been under the the dauphin, if it goes, Big Journalism is essentially dead.
Good job, Big Media, at destroying yourselves! Your great disservice to the nation will be, I hope, properly noted.
To again quote Al Goldstein….

In honor of the G20 meeting, the only edition of the Financial Times you need.

Wow! Death by SMS text message! Now you know it can happen!


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