Tuesday Slog; Out of My Mind for 31 March 2009

What 30 March (“yesterday”) was the anniversary of.

The wingnuts are so crazy they want more revolution.
Here’s a reality check.
Most revolutions end up doing no more than destroy.
Second, the Raygun revolution set the rightists on the path of destroying everything this nation is about, throwing out all the properly accepted truths, and, oh, yeah, in the course of the revolution, tanking the global economy.
So we need more of this destruction??
Failed, bankrupt, America-hating “leadership”.

Chrysler: It’s not a matter of letting it die, it’s a matter of letting it die with dignity. Company’s pretty much been dying since Daimler took control. Each new vehicle is worse than the last. Awful. And sales and losses prove it.
The Fiat deal might actually work. But without, Chrysler is dead and, yes, that’s sad. But it’s been a long time coming, although not as long as GM’s board’s slo-mo destruction of that company.

More on China’s spying on like every computer in the world.

Look, look, look!

Just watch.
And watch this too: The King!
And this!
And this too!
And maybe this.

A thought: If the leaders of Big Finance refuse to get with the (necessary yet unimplemented) program, and Our Leaders are unable to toss the bums out, how about jacking up capital gains — speculation has nothing to do with whatever reason capital gains get taxed at a lower rate. Capital gains for investments involving start-ups would remain low, the investments that have nothing to do with anything involving creating businesses would not get the benefit.
And also tightening the use of off-shore tax dodges would be seriously outlawed. And monitored.
Personally, I think going back to Glass-Steagal era would be good.

How are the banks getting their mojo back?
By stealing from us.
I know for a fact Chase is pulling crap like this too.
These guts are just too vile for words….
Speaking of which, the fuckers’ hero.
And just another reminder what scumbags the Lords of Big Finance are.
And here’s someone else who can’t make a profit, apparently, but can only steal it. Sick: The thieves and Our Leaders who are content to allow the thievery to continue.

Humongous ceiling fan…. Perfect for a rapper or NBA player’s bedroom….

Modern youth; dumb bimbo edition. (And this is what Hugo Chavez is fighting.)

Message from a New Yorker:
Hey, Rush, you sick pile of oozing garbage: You can drop dead yourself! (Oh, wait, Rush: You live and work in NYC! Yeah, since you don’t want to leave, yeah, I guess the only alternative is to drop dead. Please.)

This is truly a bummer. And I feel the kid’s pain. I, too, have yet to receive my bailout.


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