Big Sunday Post! Out of My Mind for 29 March 2009

This is absolutely as close as we get to Sunday at church at this blog:
First, watch this! Read about the video and the legendary performer here and more about him here.

I agree with this. What kind of national health insurance plan can be effective if all it does is push the uninsured into the monstrosity of private health insurance? If I was relatively poor (oops, I am!) and had my druthers (don’t), I’d do the premium-free emergency room and bankruptcy combo. Dealing with the latter is far easier than the work needed in ensuring that a private carrier actually, you know, insures anything necessary to one’s health.
Thank God America has, all in all, great health care. It’s needed for all those dealing with the carriers makes sick.

I second this. I don’t understand how or why this is the time to cut back on services needed to stay employed and to raise taxes. I mean, for those who are more fortunate than the AIG crybaby yet make less than he.
Hey, the crybaby implicitly raises a point: by the same logic that the destroyers are entitled to bonuses no matter what, shouldn’t the Nazis (and surviving families of the dead ones) not be entitled to huge multi-million dollar payouts because Germany became so prosperous and killing millions for absolutely no good reason is no reason why they shouldn’t be entitled to a windfall?
Matt Taibbi says the same thing but more eloquently and fully makes the case.
And actually, AIG is in worse shape than it admits.
Of course, retaining incompetents doesn’t help….
And a higher up at Bank of America thinks all bank stocks are crap. (Of course, he’s taken his ill-begotten wealth and has bailed.)

The failure of Geithner’s plan in a nutshell. And this.
Is this why Obama’s plan to help the economy won’t actually help the economy (other than maybe re-inflate the bubbles)?

Defined: Bank robbers: The banks who rob from us.
Thank you.

Query: Can we expect the economy to helped, fiscal health restored, by those who believe in tweaking stock prices for fast gains over, you know, profitable (responsible) management of companies?
President Obama clearly believes that as do pretty much all our leaders as well as Big Media.

Oooh, look, the GOP’s confession of their utter intellectual bankruptcy: not a single fact-based proposal….

Whooaa, China is spying on the entire world!

And this is scary, too!
Speaking of bankruptcy….
Big Media has a scoop: torture doesn’t work after all!
Thank God we have the Big Media to tell us what’s happening in the world even if it’s usually too little years too late.
What does Big Media think is an important issue? Nothing. So who needs them?
And one of their stars explains how Big Media makes themselves essential to society: By deleting substance from reporting, leaving the anodyne and irrelevant.
And then some Big Media types actually hate news.
Another confession is here.
The Big Media mass suicide continues….

I have never been sexted 😦
Of course, the war against sexting is serious. Siick attacks are described here and here.

The present predicted 20 years ago — by Larry Summers. And the details are here.
To which Larry responded not by doing nothing but by enabling the disaster that inevitably occurred.

I must try and shop here — as soon as there’s a sale.

How wingnuts do it: Sponsor an anti-rape program, predicated on the claim that the sole cause of rape is provocative dress.
And for the guest speaker, bring in a man who has his producer stalk a woman. Brilliant.

Actually, I’m with Faux Nooz on this.

Finally, Rudy Giuliani, successful prosecutor grandstanding scumbag.

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