Deluded? Out of My Mind 26 March 2009

There was a brief moment yesterday during which I was hopeful that maybe tossing all this money at Wall Street without any significant quid pro quo (which would be the fiscally responsible way of doing things) and a flaccid stimulus bill would in fact be something of a solution, that the destroyers really are the most qualified people to do their jobs and if out economy went all Japanese, it wouldn’t be awful….
Also had something of a happy day, or at least as happy as it gets.
But when I put it like that….
Still feel a little delusional now.
But I expect to recover.

And something like this sure helps as a massive 2×4 to the back of the head of a reality check!<> (Yeah, yeah, linked to it before but a second time doesn’t hurt — it’s major!)

Bitch President Palin can’t control her family (those who can’t, lecture) and can’t even control her hand-out-loving legislature.

Stock tip! Tents and camping supplies! Thank you, President Obama; this tip has been made possible by your great plan to aid the economy!

Heeeyy…. Is this movie necessary??

President Obama predicted more than thirty years ago!

It should happen here. Direct action! Payback!
If criminals are allowed to get away with their crimes, vigilantism is understandable if not inevitable….

Paging St. George! Mission unaccomplished! Dragons attack again!

At least one reason to visit Boston?

WikiLeaks at risk??

IBM sucks.

Our ally, Pakistan, struggles in it opposition to America.

A well-deserved defeat for the RIAA. Maybe they all can work on getting good music made and to the people….
Is this the solution, sort of, a high tech version of the old bottom up system. Make the music, get it out there as best you can and hope it spreads? You know, start with uploading tracks for free listening to websites, perform live whenever/wherever possible… and then? (Yeah, it’s work but a) NBig Music is no longer interested and b) I believe it will prevent another Britney.)

An AIG crybaby self-martyred in the Times. A response to the crybaby.

This week’s fix of Thomas Frank.

RNC leadership; two idiots: Michael Steele and Bobby Jindal. Steele’s just an utter idiot but Jindal is kind of creepy….
Speaking of which: Wouldn’t be a good thing if Arlen Specter got whupped in the primary by some vile wingnut? The Dem is likely to win and would surely be an imrpovement….

A big bunch of brilliant How-to’s like you’ve never, ever seen.

My email to my congressman (which, upon hitting send, resulted in a 404 error message):

Do you truly believe that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act the one and only thing needed to fix the economy? And if not, is there any liklihood of a “next step”? If so, what would it be? As I’m sure you well know, our economy is a consumer-powered one. How does the ARRA help consumers as opposed to financing the failures of Wall Street without any quid pro quo for the taxpayers?

And what is being done to reset the clock, as it were, to an era when the Federal watchdog agencies did their jobs with competence?

What about the great failure of the Obama administration to address the, well, perverted Big Finance culture of irresponsibility and the insistence on being awarded for incredibly destructive failure among other failings that have brought us where we are now? And what’s so special about the “free market” that it must be free from effective policing.

I would truly appreciate a substantive response, not a canned response. I am deeply disappointed in this administration; on the biggest issue before it, there’s no hope, no change. By the end of the day, President Obama will have in fact destroyed all hope.

Another failed plan from Obama? As he pisses away trillions….
And is he no better than Beloved Leader? (Yeah, yeah, asked before, and the answer’s too clear….)

I think I feel less delusional now… 🙂

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