Just a Little Lighter…. Out of My Mind 25 March 2009

Why do I do this?
So there’s at least one more voice railing against the corruption destroying our nation and the world.

Awesome!!! Boomboomboom! An allegory of these times!!

Rvealed: Harry Potter, Zionist Satanist. Calling your lawyers yet, J.K.? You have the money to fund the case….

No wonder chimps are Tarzan’s BFFs!

Major breakthrough in underwear technology! I’m a little surprised it wasn’t made in India….

More meshugas: Freedom in Mississippi!?

We were warned at least ten years ago. What was predicted — the inevitable — has come to pass.
Larry Summers looks like he was part of the problem and still is. Imaging: Placing solving the great disaster in the hands of a prime creator of it…. “Change”….

D’uh: The political system has been hopelessly corrupted by Big Finance; the long detailed version.

More delusional supporters of Obama’s failing:
Two. This one thinks the fiscal disaster may help us change. Hasn’t worked at the top down, including President Obama.

Someone remind me: We know what Our Leaders are doing for the poor souls on Wall Street but what have they done for Main Street? Maybe they’ve done alot but Big Media is slipping up reporting it?

Charity for the wealthy? Who’s more deserving in this era?


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