Just a Little Lighter?? Out of My Mind 24 March 2009

The tweaks keep coming. But I swear I’m close to practically just what I want (other than scads of work) for now….

An interesting solution to fixing the fiscal crisis — certainly anything better than Our Leaders are coming up with. (Another wasteful trillion $$ thrown to the Street and the Dow climbs 500 points — duh.)

Today’s competition: Sarah P. desperately needs a lot of money fast. How do you think she’s going to do it??
I say she’ll rent out her womb.
That or take a lot of kickbacks. Just saying.

Modern tech. Then. And do it yourself.

Boycott of the day: Best Buy: They’ll match any price except when they refuse.
We won one battle — got a store in Northern Westchester to match a price in NYC — and quite a difference there was — item seemed not even to be discounted in the store (store was about 50% more than the checked price!?).
And lost one to BB’s c***sucking credit card contractor, HSBC (which should be eternally boycotted).

Toy of the day. More like eternity… for at least as long as Strontium 90 lives….

A victory in New Zealand.
A defeat in Argentina.
Many repressive databases in the U,K, are f***ed up. Well, yeah; oppression and imbecilic incompetence often go hand in hand.

Whoa! Bernie scammed a Nigerian scammer??

B.S. of the day: Kubrick’s “The Shining” — it’s all a coded message.

These are for my wife. If she surfed and blogged, she’d post these:
Bad news: An arsonist is attacking the port-o-sans of San Francisco!
Oh my goodness, this is very terrible indeed!

Technological breakthrough: Flames out of your tap. Must be tough on the PVC….

NVSFW: At long last! A photo of Cindy Crawford I like.

Good news for the NSFW bushes of New Jersey.

John Mellencamp on the long greed-driven decline of the music industry.

CNBC: Still at the forefront of the mania. That is to say, still delusional.

Music viddie of the day.

Reminder: Barack Obama doesn’t want to be FDR, nor even Herbert Hoover. He obviously has forgotten all about change, all dedicated as he is to continuing the worst of Beloved Leader’s policies.

Tom Tomorrow explains modern free market capitalism.

The threat and danger of WikiPedia. Thank you, Big Journalism!

Photos from the Great Recession….

Great Recession? Great Failure! The continuing failure of Barack Obama: No hope, no change. Just what we needed: Four more years of Cheney/Rove/Bush administration.
You know the Iraq withdrawal is tentative and not a done deal.
Afghanistan and Pakistan are still intractable, to say the least.
Keeping the secrets and repressive, anti-freedom policies.
And, oh, yes, failing to do squat about the economy other than increasing deficits exponentially to help protect Wall Streeters — not the economy — from the cost of their failures.
So what’s he done for us? Nothing of any importance.
Now the Dems get their chance to hate and destroy America.
Thank you, Barack Obama!


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