Goodbye, Hoobama! Out of My Mind for 22 March 2009

Today: Enough stuff to worry you for the rest of the week. (Very short version: President Hoobama has let us down even more than I thought.)
Almost a theme!
And yet another format tweak!
And, sure, I’m still scared and bitter and disappointed.


Obama < Hoover
Query: Congress throws out two trillion dollars on Hoobama’s order, the deficit swells, and all this finances whta? Not recovery other than for Big Finance.
This is not FDR, this isn’t even Herbert Hoover.
Imagine: Elected in a crisis, with his party controlling (okay, barely) both houses of congress and the Beltway water-carriers behind him, he cannot effect policies as good as Herbert Hoover’s.
This is just keeping the destruction going, We need new management, we get reinforcement of the failed management at huge expense.
Thank you, President Hoobama.
Change is all we’ll be left with, hope was a campaign shuck.
(And yeah, John Sidney McCain III would have been worse.)

Oh, did I say “worse”? Well, Hoobama’s failure is even bigger than we feared. (Or have I said that already?) (And the linked piece is the essential read for the day. But not to worry; it’s by Matt Taibbi, so besides depressing, it’s also entertaining. Perfect way to start the week! You’re welcome!)

Keep in mind during this Global Economic Meltdown that the destroyers created their own wealth and at the end of the day, they will go unpunished while we are all wiped out.
Thank you for the hope and change, President Hoobama.

What I don’t understand: All these credit default swaps and reinsurance: where does the $$ come from to pay off the losing bets? (Yeah, yeah, of course that’s the problem.) And why must all be paid off? I mean, shouldn’t at least some of the bad bets be left as deserved losses? (No, I don’t understand this either. I am confused.)

OMG! Turkish wiz?!

Watch the present predicted in the past.

Finding a twin earth is harder than thought. Query: How many of them are as f***ed up as ours? Is there one that can offer us salvation? Solutions? (Kidding; history has them, our leaders just don’t have the incentive to care.) Hope? (Hoobama taught us the worthlessness of that.)

This too confuses me: The nasty speculative instruments are needed so that important risks would be taken because the instruments would, well, pretty much eliminate, or move away risk. What substantive, economy-helping risks were taken as a result? How was society helped? And I don’t mean just by having another horse to bet on. And at risk of pointing out the obvious, aren’t there risks that shouldn’t be taken and therefore shouldn’t be enabled?

The short answer to this is yes. Our leaders are doing all they can to support the destroyers of the global economy.

Maybe (or not) all you need to know about the AIG bonuses, other than our leaders support them. And this too.

Scary but important. Watch!

The more things change…. Ain’t the the eternal truth:

Steal a little and they throw you in jail, Steal a lot and they make you king… — Bob Dylan

Another failure for e-voting. Questions: Other than making it easier to steal elections, of what benefit is e-voting? That, and creating wealth for local pols through bribery, I mean.

Yet another thing to worry about? Is Europe doomed?

Or this: Is the consumer society dead?

Another awful sign of doom and failure, courtesy of our leaders.

When Big Journalism is dead, this won;’t be missed; a story that if true matters not at all. And if this guy joins me on the unemployment line, it would be no loss to society.

Reminder: Our leaders support rewarding the destroyers.

Gee, is it worse than we fear? More here.

Wow! Is AIG in far worse shape that we think? And may I add that I’m sure the linked story is complete news to our Big Finance-enabling puppets leaders.

John Sidney McCain III: Does anyone believe that this more than a momentary, fleeting belief (yeah, yeah, I know that’s a contradiction in terms) of one of the Keating 5? And even if it (hah!) was, would his GOP taskmasters allow him to do s*** about it?

Another jerk who won’t be missed when Big Journalism is dead.

Obscene: WTC-site developer wants his bailout money. Maybe if the GOP president and governor and mayor didn’t delay redevelopment for partisan reasons, why, the entire job could have been completed by now!

Oooh, President and Mrs. Hoobama debut their version of “Let them eat cake”. And I can’t disagree. Soon, we’ll all have to grow our own food because we can’t afford the gas to drive to the stores whose prices we can’t afford either. Thank you for the advice, Mr. and Mrs. President. Continuing your fine leadership down the drain as well as the high life!
Hey remember the meme that it didn’t matter who Hoobama appointed because he had such a strong vision?

Speaking of the death of Big Journalism: Anyone want to defend the apparent importance of this: the death of a minor foreign TV personality??
And here’s an obit, of sorts, and a plan of sorts.
Don’t get me wrong: There is a role for Big Journalism in a healthy economy. But it’s one B.J. has been abrogating for decades and now, thanks to new tech, is accelerating

Another query: What would Micro$oft be worth if it lost its monopolies? Obviously, the company has to be forced into giving a s*** about quality.

The continuing failures of our leaders here and here. My God, can we survive Obama??
Oh wait, an idiot defender who gets it majorly wrong: Geithner has no clue to what to do because his underlings have yet to be appointed?? Geithner and Obama are supposed to be believed to be that ignorant??

A slideshow of pigs.

Back to Obama’s big failure: a demonstration of just how f***ed this is. It’s an excellent question: Why isn’t Obama pushing relief for workers and the middle class? Likeliest answer: He doesn’t care about actually, you doing anything for them when he needs to get money back into the depleted wallets of the destroyers of the economy. As the Leno show demonstrates, Obama clearly believes that just giving the workers and middle class a line of s*** instead of any actual relief will be enough to get him re-elected.
Time will tell.
But before then, it’s going to be awfully ugly. And after that (i.e. Election2012), it may be ugly.
Idea! Why don’t the GOP just confess and try and correct their mistakes and become the saviors of the working and middle classes? Obama doesn’t even want to rise to the level of Hoover; Let the GOP go all FDR.

I think that’s it for this post. My God, the anger…! And despair….

[Note: To the extent possible, it’s goodbye to “Hoobama” today. Cute a pun as I thought it was, if the f***er is as bad as I think, he should be slammed with his own name. I mean, if Beloved Leader was the worst president since at least before Lincoln, the Obama is simply worse than Hoover.
So, again, goodbye, Hoobama.]

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