Out of My Mind for 21 March 2009

I know it’s a sign of the vile New York Post reverting its bad old dittohead days, but when it’s right it’s right. Me, I’ve had it with a president whose great leadership involves making public statements every chance he gets. I’m sick of him and his support for the destroyers of the economy and his failure to help housing and the middle class. And I’d add that I’m not sure when you add up all his fiscal policies to date that instead of helping matters, he’s actually making things worse.
President Hoobama: If you’re not to going to be the president we elected, I beg you to at least shut up, particularly with the lies.
Meanwhile, here’s more Hoobama policy to fear.
And he had to go on Leno to make this crack.
I know, Mr. President, your most important policy focus isn’t helping the economy in any effective way but simply maintaining your popularity. Attention disgruntled Dems: President Hoobama has lost my vote in 2012 primary.
Mr. President: The American people have realized how perverse the Reaganite era was and how utterly destructive its mania was. Why haven’t you and our leaders not reached the same conclusion? Is your personal wealth truly all that’s important to you?
And here’s an early obit for the Hoobama administration.

Meanwhile, here’s one unusually crazy wingnut.
Meanwhile, I cannot comprehend the mentally exhibited by the quoted writers here. How does one write utter s*** like this? It has to be some sort of pathology or mental disturbance.

I bite: What is the obsession with Flash? It’s used so gratuitously….

Today’s dare: Surf here and puke.

Texas justice: You can be crazy and sane.

TV finance’s version of Rachel Maddow gives credit where it’s due and rips Beloved Leader a very well deserved new one.

Did “Doonesbury” just jump the shark with the 21 March 2009 strip?

Whew! President Palin is rejecting far less stimulus money than she originally said. (I know, why expect any truth from her or her ilk. Or President Hoobama for that matter.)

Six years without victory in Iraq noted.

The most amazing music video you’ll see today!!


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