Out of My Mind for 20 March 2009

Whooaa! Thursday, I got involved in an archetypal subprime mess: Woman with house worth maybe $300k (allegedly) needs money, finds broker to put through mortgage for over $500k. Kill ’em all.

This is the real AIG scandal, not those taxpayer-financed bonuses for the destroyers. Yeah, that and that it took Eliot Spitzer to bring attention to it. Way to go, Hoobamies!
And go visit the AIG execs this Saturday on a bus tour of their homes!
Or you can just follow the f***ers on your own and really surprise them!
Oooh, look; an AIG bonus tax!? If only….

Rumor: Dick Cheney to write, redact, Beloved Leader’s autobio?

Triumph of the Governator: A tent city of the homeless for his state capital. (Video here.)
(In Japan, similar thing is sort of trendy, or maybe just weird….)

How to tell whether someone’s a good credit risk? Their faces. Me, I so don’t believe it….

Big Journalism goes for the same form of suicide as the recording industry; let’s actively and deliberately shrink our audience.

This snarky little punk is all wrong. Maybe Verizon knows exactly what it’s doing: Deliberately stealing from its customers. It’s called the triumph of corporatism in a state where the citizens are all second class. Welcome to Ronnie Raygun’s America.

Dan Gilmor tries to dope out a solution for Big Journalism.
I say charge for access, whether a monthly flat charge for full access and/or a per article micropayment. And getting freebie-addicts on board? Bite the bullet; short term losses on ad clicks will be more than made up for by, well, profit.
Of course, the responsible people in the industry are off in their closed little worlds and don’t, you know, follow the news. (I exaggerate, of course; I’m sure it’s more a matter of being blinded by greed.)

A just punishment for a lover of repression and enemy of freedom.

Could we blame the greed-crazed sensibility on Bill Gates? The richest man in America makes his wealth by thuggishly forcing a crappy product on people because quality is irrelevant in a captive market (ask the former Soviet comrades)? Just asking….

Surprise! Shock! The private sector can’t police itself!

There he goes again, President Hoobama keeps blowing smoke. Another line of you-know-what.

Whole Foods, whole death.

What Sarah Palin has done right: Rejecting stimulus funds. She knows the citizens of Alaska all receive too much welfare and too many handouts already and don’t need more (except money from more drilling).

And another example of cowardice passed off as GOP leadership.

And more of Bernie’s lies. Query: What’s President Hoobama doing to prevent the next Bernie? I’ve heard of nothing but that doesn’t mean anything. On the other hand, I wouldn’t expect anything too effective from the party of Big Finance….


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