Out of My Mind for 19 March 2009

Probably the most unusual music video you’ll see right now.

Again: Kevin Phillips on why President Hoobama will fail to do anything about the economy in any significant way: his finance team is a bunch of greedy enablers of those who destroyed the economy, and their priorities are clear. (Why, yes, I am bitter and disappointed!)
Meanwhile, if Hoobama cared, this is what he should do.
Here are portraits of presidential mistresses, girlfriends and hos.

Scenes from the Global Economic Meltdown. (Or you can just come visit me! Bring your own refreshments, though!)
Wait! here’s the game version of my life!

The dishonesty of “copyright police”; pigs indeed.
Meanwjile, the Aussie government goes censorship crazy. Find the list of arbitrarily and capriciously banned sites here.

Comic of the day. The artist’s blog is here.

Lyric of the day:

“If you’re gonna kiss me, kiss me there”

The mania for awful, gratuitous rebranding — I’m talking about you, Pepsi! — that’s endemic to an economy in the toilet, no? For some reason, SyFy and it’s logo makes me think of mattresses….

Whole death at Whole Foods. Wholesome!

The victor in a battle for freedom of expression sings with joy.

Stolen genitals: Stories here and here.

Diebold confesses to 10 years of screwed up e-voting. At least it created wealth for itself even if the price was debased elections.

The recording industry’s voluntary death march continues.

The true believers give up religion on death’s approach. For them, maybe God doesn’t have all the answers….

Faux News: honest reporting.

Target of the day: For this worthless bitch, $43 million isn’t a big enough divorce pay-off.

Busted! Another thieving scumbag who worked in the Rove/Cheney/Bush administration.

Crybaby: The man who so unsuccessfully runs NBC whines about Jon Stewart’s valid takedown of CNBC.


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