Out of My Mind for 18 March 2009

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In my opinion.


Please let this be true!

Palin family values: Levi Johnston’s message to his illegitimate love-child: too immature to marry, mature enough to knock up a teenager. Way to go, Palins. I’m sure Sarah can lead the nation better than they lead their family. Why, read here what a swell job she’s doing as governor!
And another fine example of the great job she’s doing in Alaska is here. Again, the modern wingnut has nothing to offer but fears and lies because simple competence is against their policies, okay?
Even more is here.
No, it’s never too early to start in on the next president of the U.S. (I mean that; not so sure there won’t be a change in 2012 since Hoobama is so dedicated to fail on the one big task (see Kevin Phillips again).)
Speaking of Sarah, who’s playing who?

The lies of our favorite brands.

How to get busted: Let your 10 year old walk himself to soccer practice.

Weee! Listen to Bill O’Reilly read porn he wrote hisself!

Young people explore space. And the pics are here!

A wingnut GOP leader suggests AIG execs just kill themselves. Me, I so don’t fully disagree. Would like to make sure as much money as possible is recovered first though. They, and the others like them, cannot pay enough for what they did, okay?

Today’s lesson in literary history is here and here and here and a bonus is here.

We’re not the only screwed up nation. Canada’s science minister doesn’t believe in evolution.

Dan Gilmor corrects me: The Washingtom Press Whores Corps are not water-carriers but lapdogs. Must remember to note the correction hereon….
And Glenn Greenwald has the long version (of course). Good old Big Journo: Proving its growing irrelevance by defending the indefensible (and not even recognizing the indefensible). A sad day growing sadder….

You need to know this: The world’s longest sausage: Well over a mile of God knows what (and I’m not sure we want to).

The fall of the mighty. More specifically, the fall of an overly powerful but dumb and foolish and common sense-deprived black man who was unable to control his life. (Any snarkiness the reader detects is strictly the reader’s; the preceeding is absolutely sincere, I find this truly sad.)


A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything. — Friedrich Nietzsche


First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.

More on Harlan Ellison’s suit against Paramount.

Discovered? When it all starts to go bad.

Boycote of the day: Office Depot. Just like Big Finance, it lies and steals.

My sorta-neighbor. Sad if true….

Gee, Faux News admits to journalistic ineptitude. Now, that’s news….

Wal-Mart WTF.

The old thought we must get rid of: The destroyers of the economy must be kept in the positions in which they destroyed the economy.

From the Man Bites Dog Dept.: Rick Wagoner get it right, explains why saving Detroit is far more important than saving AIG.

Speaking of lying thieves: Donald Trump also screws with his taxes.


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