Out of My Mind for 16 March 2009

I’m somewhat better, now. It’s OK you didn’t bother to ask 🙂

A shout-out to the Octomom and the rest of the Need-t-Breed class:

The mother of the year should be a sterilized woman with two adopted children. — Paul Ehrlich

President Hoobama found some of Beloved Leader’s policies that he loves. And it may cost him support — without which, judging his poor leadership in what’s urgent, could be a biiggg problem for us all.
And which of Beloved Leader’s policies does Hoobama like? Welfare for Wall Street. (An aside: If the speculation bubble and gratuitous tax cuts were necessary for economic growth, why was job growth so anemic? What benefit did the Bush/Greenspan speculation and housing bubbles bring?)
His policy for “enemy combatants” remains the same, just renamed.

The amount of derivatives, worldwide: Suffice to say, it averages out to $190,000.00 per body on the planet.

Wow! Europe’s in even worse shape than us, Spain particularly so.

Seems young people entering the workplace know nothing about, well, what they’re getting into. Maybe the global outbreak of narcissism is a factor? (Of course, being raised by people unreasonably suffering from hubris and egotism and, yes, narcissism may be contributing to the plague — I’m calling you out, Gretchen Rubin!)

Palin family values: An update from the love child’s daddy. Of course, the real reason for this mess is that Alaska, even under President Palin, is a welfare state with the entire populace receiving welfare. And this testosterone-limited guy is jealous of Todd Palin.


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