Out of My Mind for 15 March 2009

Interesting music video?

The vile Rush.

A thought: If the role of Big Journalism is to make nice to advertisers and the advertisers are crazed with greed to the point of economic irresponsibility, then the journalism must necessarily suck be inept, let’s say. Okay, that explains inept business and related news. But the failure in politic issues? Or is that just because the politics are the advertisers’ politics?
Then of course there’s the issue of failing to change the business model to reflect new technology….

What a dope. I’ve been long meaning to point out that there’s nothing wrong about an underwater (so to speak) financial institution paying big bonuses to the top of profitable divisions, even with gumint bailout bucks. And I thought this was the opportunity.
The bailout bucks are being used for bonuses to those who tanked the company and worse.
More here.

And Big Business’ leaders still are as out of touch as ever. This is wrong.

She came to Benin, fell in love with the country, they (allegedly) with her, and was murdered there.

The core of the Times’ new GOP apologist. More here.
I expect him to rationalize crap like this.
And this:

But after September 11, having been hit once, how could we take a chance that Saddam might not strike again?

The crazies are still out there.

A crybaby leader of our nation in one of it’s darkest hours.

Genius: The FDIC collected no premiums from 1996-2006.

Another reason to hate Jim Cramer and his ilk: Dishonesty and, oh, yes, borderline criminality.
Speaking of which, the entire Stewart/Cramer interview is here.

Speaking of America’s Most Wanted: A slideshow of those who deserve to be imprisoned for life and have there misbegotten wealth taken away starts here.

Michael Steele: I don’t get it. Why shouldn’t a party reduced to, well, the deranged not be led by someone like him? Why think a party of wackos wouldn’t select a wacko as its head? The genius that is Michael Steele is laid out here.
(Actually, the issue is Big Media’s need to give any legitimacy to the GOP.)


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