Out of My Mind for 14 March 2009

Today, I am pretty much out of my mind. I’m in a foul, cold rainy day of a mood but worse. So a new look…? Is that the solution? (No, work or even a job. Decided this week that I want to work for someone I actually maybe even unreservedly like. It’s a minimal-self-esteem issue.)

Watch someone’s plea.

Query: Big Labor at its worse: As bad as what post-Reaganite Big Finance did with its thoughtless greed and disregard for, well, everyone and everything else? Read this then respond. Hint: We’re the richest nation in the world (I think — certainly was til recently) in very large part because we don’t care about our citizens. (By “we”, I of course mean our leaders.)
Hey! When do employees and workers start to get concessions from corrupt, economy-destroying managements?? I mean, they surely are the ones who should making with the givebacks. They’ve proven themselves to be a uniquely inept class of managers, destroying global wealth on a historical scale….
Speaking of which, more or less, the tabloid press, for one, is starting to give up the celebs for focus on Big Finance’s legion of miscreants, what you could call the false idols….

Oooh, the recording industry’s slo-mo suicide continues: alienating people for no good reason.

CNBC’s ratings start to follow the markets’.

This guy is wrong: Big Media is loathe to criticize its significant failings of the last couple of decades when they can go for the easy, tabloidesque focus on a single individual. The other related thing Big Journalism misses is that if they continually refuse to report the essential they make themselves, well, inessential, which is to say SOL out of business. Yeah, yeah, we’d lose, but we can’t make them do their jobs if they don’t want to….
Oh, wait, Glenn Greenwald shows that Big Journalism understands its job is to knowing promote lies, not expose them. Now I am sooo confused. I thought that was the job of the advertising and public relations professions. Journalism too, huh? Well, that certainly explains the Times’ love for Judy Miller, huh?

I worship, like, every word out of this guy’s mouth, and he’s a Republican. So there.

So much for Berkshire-Hathaway’s coveted AAA rating. Warren couldn’t have been, um, factually challenged in this year’s shareholder letter? Or maybe he was a little deep in hubris?

Have a treat: My favorite mugshot. At least for right now.

This must be true, ’cause I have neither:

In this world the wise one holds onto confidence and wisdom. Those are the greatest treasures; all other riches are pushed aside. – Buddha

Some GOP idiocy here and here and here. (And watch that last one here.) How can decent, America-loving people not hate these crazed destroyers of our nation? Seriously.

My favorite painting today. There was a sadness about the Murphys. Him: Rich, successful, handsome, talented, etc., tossing away the creative side for family duty and because of childrens’ deaths….


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