Out of My Mind for 13 March 2009

Just for perspective, 360 degrees of beauty.

Music for a new generation; the ultimate YouTube music viddie!

Wow! An awesome forklift!
Speaking of the world’s most awesome toilet the other day, this is like the world’s second coolest toilet.

Awesome sex like you’ve never seen (and it’s kind of safe for the workplace and kids (sort of)!).

Speaking of which, if you want to “do” Britney Spears, look here.

If Hoobama fails to help get the economy back on tracks, our culture may end up creating stuff like this.

Why is the “Google phone” better than an iPhone? Thanks to the former’s laissez faire approach to apps, you can use the phone to steal.

Another thing the wingnuts have screwed up. And here’s another zombie heard from.
And wait, here’s yet another wacko. Please. Does the GOP have anything to offer other than idiocy? If not, the media has no business paying them any attention because it gives legitimacy to complete illegitimacy.
And see the true leader of the GOP here.
Wait, they’re not just complete idiots, they’re complete racist idiots.
And if there’s any doubt John Sidney McCain III has lost his mind, can we now so stipulate?

I always sort of knew this and have practiced it.

A cheery headline:

Porn champion joins Holder at Justice

But seriously….

Bernie Madoff off to jail 4-ever. Big deal.
Is that how his greedy investors will get their money back? No one even knows even how much Bernie took in.
Instead of obsessing about Bernie, how about a little obsessing with getting government regulation beefed back up to be able to, well, regulate, and — I’ll say it ’cause Team Hoobama won’t — maybe (!?) Glass-Steagal II. History shows that would have helped — like, its repeal enabled the Global Economic Meltdown, in very large part, that and the philosophy of St. Ronnie of Raygun.
And someone else is underwhelmed by Bernie’s bust.

Apropos that, what’s cool about “The Daily Show” is that occasionally it goes legit and does what the real journalist establishment fails to do.
This time, a half hour of beating up on the vile Jim Cramer and the crap called financial journalism. Big Journalism: Less honest than a streetwalker….
More about the smackdown is here.
Speaking of which, “Doonesbury” is skewing modern journalism this week.

Speaking of Wall Street, the riff for paying CEOs outrageous sums was that obscene wealth was the only way to hire and retain the best ones.
Obviously, that plan did not work.
Anyone care to defend it now?

Speaking of Wall Street’s destroyers of the global economy, one of the villains sees the light now that he can cause no more trouble and, oh, made and kept his fortune.
And another jerk: The Great Alan Greenspan. (I know, he was twisted by his Objectivist beliefs.)

Pakistan: What a mess. Query: This came about, to a large extent, as a result of the Bushies’ Total War Against Terror including the gratuitous Afghanistan “adventure”: Wingnuts, was it worth it??

God, where’s the good news??


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