Out of My Mind for 11 March 2009

Aww, watch the little babies cry. You know, real babies like Jim Cramer, Joe (“F-Bomb”) Scarborough and too many more. When NBC News bites the dust, it clearly will not be missed. Nothing like a journalistic outlet that believes its narcissism is of any, you know, importance whatsoever. Yet more whining from Cramer is here.

Hey! Look! It’s the New CitiBank, the one we all own!

Whooaa! Barbie really has a pad in Malibu and you can see it here!

Wow! I slept through this!? (But I was awake for a circa 1980 earthquake in Westchester — which I heard in Manhattan’s Yorkville.)

The Times bemoaned. Isn’t a shame that the company has far lower standards than many of its readers?

Alan Greenspan isn’t just not might, he is an absolute and complete liar. Shows you who the greedy hubris class worships.

Big Media undoubtedly and inexplicably will miss this one but Sarah Palin is an utter and complete failure as leader. I know it’s the SOP for the GOP but still….

Yes, the Dems have their brainless idiots too; it’s endemic to the political class, unfortunately….

The early path to bad health: Too much TV watching by little kids.

If this is the Loyal Opposition, who needs it and why report it? Clearly, they are utterly bankrupt with nothing to offer the nation or the world.

A theory of how the West failed Africa?

A narcissistic douchebag. IMO, of course; yours might differ. I mean, making a career obsessing over how wonderful one is: What does that make one? She’s just so representative of the deluded Reagan generation.


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