Out of My Mind for 10 March 2009

Watch this, the music video of the day! You’re not going to see anything like it today!

Movie history! The “Raiders of the Lost Ark” story conference!

AIG: It’s Goddam worse than you feared! But, please, President Hoobama, there’s no need for meaningful action! The global economy can survive like Japan in the 90s and after and your true supporters in the elite will nonetheless prosper. And isn’t that what’s really important to you? Hope? It’s for fools.

Listen to 80s video arcades action here! Loved mine til it was closed because of, like, an attempted killing….

Corporatism continues on the march: Verizon’s gonna grab all your private info unless you stop it. Imagine that: President Hoobama doing nothing to stop or even just slow it. I guess he’s showing who he really listens to. Keeps this up, Election 2012 can be pretty ugly, with all of us the losers….

Watch Circuit City’s well-deserved last breath. They did their damnedest to go out of business. If elite business schools believe in knowledge, this will be a key case study….

Andrew Leonard on his dad, John Leonard, the most awesome, fun-to-read critic EVER! Damn straight it’s essential reading!

Your weekly fix of Tom Tomorrow. You know you need it….


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