Out of My Mind for 9 March 2009

What you (and I) absolutely must have: The world’s greatest, most awesome toilet.

And this is near-awesome, too, albeit NSFW.

And a whole mess of sick viddies are here.

Meet the Artist of the Day here.

Watch a gratuitous satire of Da Man, Michael Steele. Watch it decide: Funnier than the real thing or not?

Time to get scared: Professor K is convinced Hoobama is failing big time on the one thing that truly matters: fixing the economy.
And he’s right to be concerned. The riff is that the stimulus was a first try and when it proves insufficient, particularly when it comes to bank rescue nationalization, he’ll act strongly. The signs of the necessary realization aren’t there yet, per the professor.

The MPAA paid RAND to convince the world the movie piracy is a great evil, entwined with organized crime as well as terrorism. The former, obviously, but the other??

A good question: All of Bill Gates’ inheritance-dodging foundation’s work to improve the world; what’s it accomplished. Nothing?? (And I do believe that forcing crapware, especially in multiple OSes, on the world does require contrition, not bullshit.)

The death of a musician who had success but not the wealth that goes with it. (Yeah, yeah, also the case for a national health insurance program that will get people insured instead of force them to give a fortune to private insurers — another of Hoobama’s big failures.)


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