Out of My Mind 7 March 2009

A wee thought to start: I decided I like Bristol Palin a little bit. So eclipsed by her whacko mom, I think we missed something relatively important: She’s somewhat based in fact-based reality. Don’t think we can say that about her mama.

And another thing: Bernie Madoff’s $50B. Never saw it sourced, and find it incredible. I thought maybe, at it’s peak, there was a claimed paper value of $50B. You know, if stuff had actually been bought, the clients’ cumulative wealth would have been $50B if sold at those prices. In other words, a purely hypothetical but, um, reality-based number, as it were, but not exactly an actual number.
But the weird thing is that the press (including CNBC, I’m sure) never really provided any basis for the number, or even really sourced it. Just repeated it, like a GOP talking point (and as accurate).
Well, you know what? That number may be as honest as Bernie hisself!
Even money Bristol would have known that (but she was busy).

Looks like Pamela Anderson’s implants need fixing.

Speaking of bogus, another Donald Trump house of cards collapses. You know Trump; he doesn’t create wealth but lives solely on easy credit — oops, there it went! Our poster boy for the manic era that has passed….

From the No New News Here Dept.: The minority party: Dumb and crazy.

Sick? You want to see the sickest video you’ll see today? Look here!

Good advice guaranteed to go unheeded: The only drug plan that will work.


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