Out of My Mind 6 March 2009

Da funny is back. Watch da Man, Michael Steele (well, a cheap copy), in action here.

And here are two more funnies.

Ooh, watch Jon Stewart take down the tragically irrelevant CNBC. CNBC now is of about as much benefit to society as the crack dealer on the corner, maybe less.

Here’s how to make money and create wealth as the Global Economic Meltdown worsens. More, here.

Happy, now?

It’s over….

Professor K wrote something scary today. Again. Actually, just about all his stuff lately is — rightly — scary….

So here was the plan: While my internet access remains fried, I wondered, why waste time and energy on GOP idiocy? Why not just stipulate that the GOP, by and by, is led by crazies with just about absolutely nothing to offer? I mean, why give them any attention? They can and should be just completely written off.

So much for the plan.

See how utterly stupid and idiotic two of the leaders are here. (And Michael Steele isn’t the cause of the problem, just one of the symptoms.)

Someone ponders why President Hoobama is acting so timidly on the one big thing that, you know, matters. (On this, I’m to the optimistic side of Professor K.: I baselessly hop that the plan is start out conservatively and fail, thereby demonstrating the need for something radical, to wit, the presently toxic nationalization of at least the big banks.) Again, Hoobama can do nothing that would make up for failing on this. Yes, I’ve written him off and, yes, I will be ecstatic to be proven wrong.

Query: Did this plan to short Ford work, or is it proof that Wall Street is paved with the expendable and inept who don’t deserve or, um, warrant big bonuses, hard times or no?

This study claims President Palin’s sexiness hurt McCain-Paplin 2008. Apparently, though, relying on college hockey players, the study chooses not to consider her stupidity, her radical ideas, McCain’s own… limitations, and, well, the hockey players’ parents’ economic hardships (i.e. a majorly tanking economy). I’ll give the study the classic gentleman’s C+. Another man’s opinion is here.

But yes, she’s very sexy in a way. I thank her for inspiring the erotica website named after her. And, yes, she is inarguably stupid, crazy, a destructive extremist, and all round awful for America. Again, hot and insane are not at all exclusive.

Last thought: Of what need is Big Journalism if it can’t face facts? Or is “news” and “facts” now exclusive and unconnected?

Speaking of vile: Doctors hate you and want to be free to mistreat you and others.


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