Out of My Mind 5 March 2009

Closing that budget deficit relatively quick and easy, via the Snark Dept.:

I think this is really misleading since it assumes you would double all equal tax rates equally and pay for the whole thing in 1 year — which is downright silly.

The top tax bracket is 35% – it was 92% in 1952.

A tiny change in the top tax bracket (like 3%… I mean we are talking about adjusted gross income over $357K) would generate $1 trillion in revenue in only a few years. I mean you should know this since that’s how we got rid of our > $1 trillion surplus. Or alter corporte income tax accounting rules to raise a miniscule amount from corporations. Link.

And it would be ironic justice too. Really, why shouldn’t those who benefited from and enabled or created this disaster now pay?

New category for Jeopardy: Hoobama. Watch it here.

Why I love Australia: For news like this: Man beaten for refusing to strip at swingers’ party.

See how the scum rises.

Da Man 2 B Gon? Already?

They’re in our homes! Look!!

Admit it: pols are pretty much all dumb in one way or another but GOP pols with their refusal to acknowledge reality — that’s a whole other level of stupidity. Today’s example is here: Sonny Bono’s f***ing stupid widow.

A real conservative’s opinion of those “conservatives” who would destroy Social Security. (Hint: Low.)

The truth (and upside!) to zombie banks.

My favorite fellow Jew: Don’t quite agree with his opinions but he’s married to Ariel Domasble. Even now, we should all still be so lucky.

To you, this is treason? To me it is.

Flash! Micro$oft lied during the anti-trust trial: IE can be removed from the OS! Who’d’a thunk it??


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