Monday’s Round-Up

Cool video! Watch it here!
You’re already like a Berkshire-Hathaway shareholder, maybe: sloughing off wealth like a terminal leper’s body piece. So you may as well read Chairman Warren’s wisdom.
Quote of the day:

The result was a world awash in cheap money, looking for somewhere to go.

That explains exactly the great sin of the Reagan Revolution (actually a counter-revolution but that’s for another time.) The upward transfer of wealth all had to go somewhere and the unrestrained free market, well, in a word, freely made some lousy, stupid choices. Remember the moanin’ and groanin’ how companies were managed for no longer a term than the next quarterly report so the stock would keep going up? What a great idea, making such a large share of management’s earnings contingent on a stock price instead of, you know, management or profitability. One of Jack Welch’s great accomplishments was cooking GE’s numbers every quarter.
Fun fact: Ben Bernanke explained how we got here, more or less, four years ago, and still hasn’t yet quite figured out what to do!
Rhetorical question: Alan Greenspan: The most awesome Fed chair ever or Randian putz and great bullshit artist?
Today’s competition: The modern GOP (that is, from the 80s to right this second): What has it really done for America? Really? My household joke was to name three things the Rove/Cheney/Bush administration accomplished. My wife cited daylight savings time starting a month earlier. Which was one more than I could come up with.
In view of the past couple of months, you can see how I’d change the question.
And I still have no accomplishments to cite.
My mind wanders…. For, like, decades, I always believed that there was a proper, bala


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