Fried internet, so have to keep it brief….
How fried is it? Tried the same thing yesterday and the whole post — *poof*!
We’ll try today, maybe with better luck….
As I noted (in the lost post), the current GOP is resting of the leadership of Palin, Jindal, Limbaugh and some thirteen year old.
Jindal was the great new hope til he opened his mouth after the State of the Union speech when he so inelegantly tried to sell the nation on the same failed policies that resulted in a historical disaster (understatement).
But let’s focus on facts.
He’s a liar. And a hypocritical liar, saying he’ll refuse stimulus monies while he takes stimulus monies.
Another raving mouth of the GOP: Jim Cramer. In a fact-based world, he’d be a TV failure, he’s so wrong so often. Unfortunately programmers think people want to be bombarded with constant lies, all to shrinking audiences. That and Wall Street, the only areas where failure is regularly richly rewarded.
Watch this for a slice of American justice. Yeah, yeah, I think I’ve addressed this, but again: I know stuff like is atypical but it’s also unnecessary. Running items like this may raise sensitivity and thereby greatly reduce this kind of incidents.
Something to ponder:

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. — Buddha

Two more idiots leading the GOP: Michael “Da Lyin’ Man” Steele and the Hon. [on a technicality] Michelle Bachmann.

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