Proof of the Utter and Complete Bankruptcy of the GOP

The terrorist front is understandably quiet; fighting terrorists should be covert and one of the biggest pluses for them is sloppy or a lack of security. Some tightening of the screws should be enough (not that we’ll ever know, I’m just extrapolating from human nature, a form of reality).

Our military is still stuck with two unnecessary wars thanks to the last GOP administration.

And the economy…. The role of government in the economy should be supervisory. The last administration refused to supervise. And then threw oil on the fire by making unwarranted, gratuitous tax cuts which pumped an already over-inflated speculation bubble even more. And then, when it all started going to hell, came up with TARP and doing all possible to make sure the Destroyers of the Universe still got their rewards. (The latter makes sense: Beloved Leader was continuously rewarded and promoted for failure.) As for supervision: Think about a school class where a teacher refuses to discipline or monitor. Think the behavior might get a little out of hand? Exactly.

Here, now, current GOP leadership, the voice of absolutely nothing of any value:


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