Leadership We Don’t Need

The CEO of the facility from which the salmonella-laced peanuts products come refuses to eat his possibly deadly product, wrongly basing his refusal on a Fifth Amendment right. (He’s dead wrong on that.)

I’m with him, up to a point.

He shouldn’t be made to risk his life by eating possibly fatal food.


Just kill him.

By my standards, he’s a killer. That’s more than reason enough.

More, via Boing Boing:

Doran sez, “In Congressional hearings into Salmonella found in peanuts, Stewart Parnell, owner of Peanut Corp. of America, declined a request by Congressman Greg Walden of Oregon to eat some of his company’s own product. He did so by citing his fifth-amendment protections. Given what’s come out during the hearing, it’s no wonder. From the story”:

Charles Deibel, president of Deibel Laboratories Inc., said his company was among those that tested Peanut Corp. products and notified the Georgia plant that salmonella was found. Peanut Corp. sold the products anyway, according to an FDA inspection report…The House panel released e-mails obtained by its investigators showing Parnell ordered products identified with salmonella shipped and quoting his complaints that tests discovering the contaminated food were “costing us huge $$$$$$.”


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