Another Thing I Always Wonder About

Foundations and charities pump all this money into improving things and… they fail time and again. I wonder why.

But, still: If these guys just paid their taxes instead of creating foundations to dodge them and supported the public sector in what the public sector can and is supposed to do best….

And then, in the case below, there;s the hubris: If one can successfully run a monopoly relying on a closed market, by golly, one must know everything about everything.


theodp writes”Three years ago, Sarah-Palin-bogeyman William Ayers published a paperquestioning the direction the small school movement was taking (PDF) with the involvement of would-be education reformers like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. And now, after $2 billion in grants, Bill Gates concedes that in most cases his foundation’s efforts in that area fell short. ‘Many of the small schools that we invested in did not improve students’ achievement in any significant way,’ said Gates. Bill does cite High Tech High as one of the few success stories, but even there has to limit his atta-boys to the San Diego branch — the Gates-backed Silicon Valley High Tech High closed its doors abruptly due to financial woes (concerns about the sustainability of Gates-initiated small schools were voiced in 2005). Not surprisingly, some parents are upsetabout the capital that school districts wasted following Bill’s lead.”


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