A Modest Proposal

The GOP’s recent track record includes, in no particular order, a relentless attack on civil liberties, a relentless attack on and destruction of the public sector, disregard for all aspects of the nation’s infrastructure, a failure to act in connection with the environment, the gross weakening of our nation’s military by engaging in two unnecessary, pointless wars, as well as by other acts, and gross fiscal irresponsibility including, but not limited to, fomenting and enabling the culture of greed and dishonesty as well as meaningless, unwarranted tax cuts and, oh, yes, TARP.

I therefore request that until the GOP demonstrates contrition for their acts as well as puts forwards substantive proposals for righting their wrongs, every Republican just shuts up.

What set this off: That asshole Daschle’s tax problems. Yeah, he’s a complete jerk, but until the GOP complies with the two requirements in the immediately prior paragraph, each and every one of them just shuts up.

There’s crisis of the GOP’s creation. Partisan criticism is completely unwarranted at this time.

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